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My alarm woke me up.

yes, I know, that's what they're supposed to do, but usually I'm up before it goes off. Not this morning =/ 'cause we went to bed kind of late last night. i got caught up in ... oh. Stuff I'm not talking about in an open entry, but Jen and Bright know, so .. yeah. so i was posting while I was doing that. might rant about it in a locked entry, but I doubt it. The ranting is done. ::snerk::

M'seriously thinking about making a CoX RP comm. I just...need to sort out the mechanics of it. I mean, my idea is to have it be non-combative, since we do that in the game, but to kind of make it ... what your character does when s/he isn't fighting.

so bright asked "so is it a smut community?" and ... well. I had a hard time deciding how it wouldn't be. ::amused:: which made me wonder then if it was even worth it to make a comm, or just play our characters together in IMs. 'cause he said he probably wouldn't join, which means it would be a solo project and i know me well enough to know that if it didn't get a big response, I'd lose interest and it would flop. But i didn't really see anything else on LJ that was ... an RP comm.

So maybe i'll log in to otter later & do my intro post & post that as a question.

And while I don't want to get distracted away from the covenant comm (I actually managed to stretch out a plot point over more than just a weekend. zomg, whoa!), m'gonna need somethin' to do while Jen's moving =P

I just... need to find the bunnies, and get them moving. 'cause i'm in one of those downsweeps that annoy me. the whole 'I want to play but I can't summon the motivation necessary to start the scene and carry it through.' On the yay side though, these are followed by rampant 'zomg must play noooooooowwwwwwwwwww!' sweeps where I play anything and everything.

and i'm so tired. =/ stupid staying up too late.
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