Halofyre (truths_unheard) wrote,

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it's 2:32, and i'm so wired.

finally sorted out the hell bunny.

got Grey up to 31.

got our emerald's up to 8. we should work on our falls sometime this weekend too.

ahahaha. i'm like, crazy psyched about cox_rpg. like. there's play, and it's good, and and....and yeah! and it's so far not looking like a smut comm. which is good, 'cause i was starting to wonder where all the legit RP ran off to. Not that i have anything against it, mind, but when that's all a comm is ::coughcoughpointcoughcough:: it's ... yeah.

::pokes the au comm somewhat randomly:: we need bunnies there. but i guess it comes and goes in waves, and it's all well.

Oh. before i forget. Bright.

Nevermind. you'll probably see e-mail before you see this.

and zomg. i shouldn't be allowed to play Satan. ::evil:: and now i need to think of a bunny. 'cause he either cracks open the hellgate again (which, i'm sure will thrill everyone) or he has to figure out a way in.

or the spell could be the one that makes the hole in the realities and ... stuff.

oh. the tired just hit. ::sway. falls over::

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