Halofyre (truths_unheard) wrote,

When Epic Bunnies Suck

In the light of our combination bunny (which we all admit totally rocks - gotta love when surprise!bunnies rock), I think Eric wants to make a post on the Shadow boards to coordinate the broken covens and combine them. ::rolls:: except, that's crazy huge, and wrong of me to want to do. in the comm. because wow, would that involve an epic cast of characters. but that'd friggen rock. ::shifty eyes:: and it would totally piss off all the hunters who did such a job of breaking them in the first place.

Well, maybe after our reaper arc. ::snerk:: Ashley was all "Do not want, bitch" ::so amused:: I believe she has reached the end of her rope for right now ::petpets Ashley:: She does not get to be the target for a little while, or it will do Very Bad Things to her.

So we're targeting someone else ::sage nod:: or Very Bad Things will happen.

In other RP news, pretty sure my CoH game flopped. And I'm strangely fine with that. Now, I am debating making a post or not making a post to be all "pls don't apply kthxbai 'cause we's closed"

It was a nice dream, but...well, I have other bunnies.

In real news, I'm taking Friday off. It is my once monthly mental health day. Not because my new computer is arriving on Thursday and I want to stay up all night playing heroes. Nooooo....not at all.

In equally real news, maybe the vet wasn't wrong about Logan. he's totally growing in his summer coat.

::pause. Rant:: OMFG STFU I'm so goddamn sick of hearing about the Imus shit on the news. Do we have nothing better to do with our time?!? Learn to let it go, people. Let it go. So he said some zomg offensive things. Let it go. Everyone needs to stop being so goddamn sensitive. It's just words. They only hurt if you let them.

Ahem. Anyway. We noticed Logan getting some stubbly fur a week or so ago, and now it's blooming into full out summer coat and being all soft and stuff. So .. maybe he never had it. But honestly, when you see a bald-back ferret, do you not immediately think "Oh noes, adrenals!"?

But his blood panel came back fine, and i was all "Do Not Believe", but... maybe that is the case. So I guess we'll see. If he goes bald again next shed, I'll take him in again, and if he still doesn't have it, I'll write it off as something seasonal. I mean, it's not like I want him to have it (hello, expensive surgery), but it was just weird to me that he had that particular symptom, and didn't have the associated ailment.

Basil is now known as "helpful bagel". Sometimes "happy bagel/helpful feet". Because the other day when we tore the cage apart to clean it (always fun, why we only do it a couple times a year) I was leaning over the bed to talk to Bas, and Bright was all "Did you just call him a bagel?" and so I was like "Yes, he's a helpful bagel" and ... poor thing, it stuck. but he is no longer cute fluffy kit, so happy feet doesn't really work for him.

And happily, Bas didn't lose his color. His back lightened a little, but he kept his marks. Unlike Logan ::Glare:: who I often forget started life as a panda, because he's all white now.

Erg. i need to find a distraction bunny. Libby wants to hook up with someone in the Rory house so she can move out ::amused:: and I need to figure out who else fits with who else. and zomg, Bobby/Caleb, so cute. Unexpectedly cute. Lol. Now, I just need to work on Sasha, Ice, and Karen, and I'll be all set, 'cause Riley totally snaked Karen's man ::gasp::

Oh. I should put them on the page. ::goes to do so::
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