Halofyre (truths_unheard) wrote,

Adventures in computing...

So, my new computer arrived on time. hooray!

That is about the only good thing that came of today.

And that is questionable.

Issue one:

The scanner at work was down. Mine is not usually plagued by scanner issues. But I was having the noncommunicative curse. Dun-dun-dun. What this means: papers go into the scanner, but they don't come out.

No, seriously. The documents act like they're being scanned, but I get an e-mail sayng "Oh, snap! the document didn't make it to winbroker!" only in more computerific terms.

Of course, given my ritual of screwing around for 1/2 - 3/4 of an hour before I start working, I didn't notice this until it was almost time for Jared to be in. So, I attempted to fix the scanner myself, and no go. (It should be noted, i can usually get it to work, so that wasn't just a snippet of insanity or something)

So I tell Jared "scanner's broken" which i know is his favorite thing to hear when he comes in.

So he tries to fix it the same way I did. No dice. So I ask him what he wants me to do. He says I get to PK.

For those of us unfamiliar with my work, or those of us just tuning into my life, PKing is by far the most mindnumbingly boring activity. Almost as boring as scanning. But the problem with PKing is - i use the computer. So, of course, half my day is spent playing online. Moreso than when I'm scanning, because when scanning, i actually have to step away from the computer.

So that should have been a sign that today was going to blow. But no! I thought "well, today's my friday, what's a little PKing?"

Well, they didn't fix the scanner until 4 - and I left at 4:30. No scanning was done.

Issue two:

I had a headache all day. On and off.

I twisted my ankle. I don't know when, or where, or how, but when I flex, it hurts like a son of a bitch. and now it's throbbing. out of hatred.

Issue three:

The computer. - by the by, if any of you are computer gurus, and you scoff, and say "well, fuck. i knew that" - please don't share. Keep your comments to yourself, or giggle about me in your own journal.

Oh, the computer.

This was spawned by two issues - i've heard awful things about Vista (and I hate new versions of windows anyway), and I'm tired of CoX crashing. So we examined possible solutions. and i said "I wish I could buy a computer that just had a better processor and power source."

lo and behold, we found that such a thing existed. So we shopped around, and finally found one that seemed about right. So, we bought it. and i was very excited that all I'd have to do was pop in my hard drive and memory, and we'd be all set.

Yeah. Yeah, I hear you laughing now.

Oh. My. God.

Fucking nightmare.

when bright finally gets it working (there was an issue with my video card, and another issue with the memory), windows says it needs to be activated. So we're all "okay, whatever" and punch in the code. No go. So we browse around sites, and attempt to see if there's some way to get a code, but oh - we aren't eligible to purchase extra codes, because our copy came with our PC.

- sigh -

So, we figure we have to get another video card, so off to best buy we go.

in another bout of cleverness, I think "well, hey. At least all we'll have to do is punch in the code, since it's already installed."

This does make sense, right? right?

Well, not to microsoft.

so we install a new copy. eventually. and my new yummy computer now has a brand new copy of windows xp - with none of my files in sight.

So bright spends another hour or so getting my HD to boot on my old computer so he can do the file transfer wizard thing. Forgetting, of course, that i have 15,000 .png caps, most of which probably could have been deleted. ahaahah. so that took for-fucking-ever. i seriously have so much useless crap on my computers...

anyway. that's where we are now. we are (theoretically) about done. Because mr. file transfer wizard is applying my settings to the new computer.

Now, i just need to get that second copy of windows out of the way ...

And that, dear readers, is the saga of why thursday sucked hairy balls.
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