Halofyre (truths_unheard) wrote,

She lives!

Why yes, she does.

Hi. :)

I think I should probably inform everyone here (and everywhere else), I hardly log in to this name any more. I mean, seriously. So if any of you were expecting replies to f-locked posts... ::pause:: nevermind. I forget I've gone reclusive and don't talk to anyone.

So, for those who care:

Birthday went well. I took a four-day weekend, RP'd, played a lot of CoX and saw Spiderman 3. Hooray! I think this is the first birthday that hasn't sucked for a very long time.

On the intarwebs...I've come down with AU-itis. I gave it to Jen, and I think Bright's catching it. We've got four Covenant realities now. ::snerk:: okay, technically, three, because we haven't activated the 4th one yet, but it looks like fun. Fun to the point where I almost want to play Caleb, too, but ...Jen's got to have something to play. Bwahahaah. I can do the setup post though ::muses:: 'cause Jen's an enabler and she lets me do that now, too. Which is bad. 'cause then I'll start setting up most of her characters, like I set up most of Bright's characters.

And it's really, really funny watching people try to revive dead communities. So, yes. I may not be Casper the friendly mod, but my games don't curl up and die, either. i'd say they don't become raging smutfests either, but...well. Okay. not smut-fests. 'cause i've been doing the fade to black upon occasion. with the established characters.

we have good plot. plot enough that i had to curtail canon-comm plot before Ty and Ash lost their respective minds. Lol. but really, the poor charries can only take so much more before they give up on life.

but i think that's why AU started poking. Because we can have fresh trauma over there, without people breaking. bwahahaha. ::luffs AU::

i want to play Chase somewhere. 'cause that brief run was fun. ::contemplates:: if that other one ever gets started...::huff:: I totally offered to double up characters just to start, but...I don't think the mod much cares about actually getting it going. maybe i'll bug her this weekend. yar.

So, in summary:

Boyfriend good, animals good, life okay, work sucks, birthday good, RP fun.
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