Halofyre (truths_unheard) wrote,

I need ...

I need a cure for my rampant TWS.


I know, clicking the little link will make me seethe with crazy. But I click the little link anyway. Then I gag, roll my eyes, scream inside my head about how fucking out of character the character is being played, and wondering why no one but me seems to see this. Well, me and people that I know see it.

I don't know why I care. I don't. It isn't my problem anymore. I just...I guess this stems back to my anti-media days (oh, how far I've fallen, yeah?) and tangent. i can't type "yeah?" without hearing it in a Marcus voice. That's scary. Guess he'll be showing up at the barn this weekend. ::Brow waggle:: then he and Chase can get into it. Maybe he'll die. That'd be all anticlimatic and stuff.

So, anyway, back to why I don't care. Why I shouldn't care. Why I need to let it go. Let it gooooooo....it just..is ew, to see an otherwise good character be turned into a raving whore who'll fuck anything. And I do mean anything. But that goes back to the rant of slashing for the sake of slashing, which is ... well, to each their own. And it tangents into pre-existing character pairings. Why? Why would you do that? Why would you start a game with the preset idea that so and so's going to pair with so and so? (or in some cases, why one character's going to fuck the entire cast). It just seems ... wrong. 'cause what if there's no chemistry? Or what if there's chemistry in unusual places?

Best example, of course, being Chase and Ashley. Jen never intended Chase to fall for Ash. I never intended Ash to be a major character. She was just the catalyst so Tyler could figure out he was gay. But things developed in the course of play, and voila! Chase and Ash are probably 60%+ of our posts. Okay, probably more.

Mrrr. I should go set up the guardian post. 'cause TODAY IS MY FRIDAY! boo-yah, bitches! I took tomorrow off 'cause i want me a three-day weekend.

and while I'm updating ... Tangles is getting better. I don't think I actually posted that he was sick, but he was. throwing up and losing weight, and one day he hardly got up at all, so we whisked him off to the vets, but his x-ray showed nothing, and his bloodsugar was in the normal range, so we took him home. After a few days, he started eating (then he stopped again =/ ) but he's been eating fairly consistently now, and he's starting to put weight back on. he was almost skeletal, the poor thing.

Um. Job's fine, boyfriend's good, our internet was freaky this morning (seriously, the light was on, but it would only connect to some sites. no aol, no LJ ::died a little bit inside::, no google, but I could get to neopets, myspace, and parts of the CoH site) but it has since worked itself out.

::ticks off mental list:: rant, check. real update, check.

and it's so time for me to go to work. So, to work I go.
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