Halofyre (truths_unheard) wrote,

A post just to use the icon that makes no sense to anyone but us

But it's all well, because they will be in the novel.

Just...with fewer canon references. 'cause we can't tromple on anything that might get us sued. 'cause that would be bad.

So, update.

Was really tired this morning. really thought about calling out, but tired is not a reason to call out. sadly. if i had more sick days.. yeah. They should give us like, three tired days a year. "Yeah, sorry. Can't come in. too tired."

I thought about staying in bed, then i remembered my alarm was set for 6:30 (i did change it; it used to be 7), and since it was already 6:26, I may as well get up.

and i need to see if i can find some silver polish or tarnish remover or something & see if i can get the chain on the bracelets I bought shiny. so. that'll happen. someday. eventually.

I still want another ring.

and i need to find stuff to play. Think we were doing corey/dennis, or corey/roland tonight, but ... there should be more than that. Oh. I was totally going to do a jacob post :;eyes clock:: at work. i will do that.

Jacob's pissed ::sniggle:: someone's going to pay for almost killing him. ::Devious cackles::

zomg, whoa. they could totally wreck the apartment. ahahaha. then Ash would have an excuse not to go back. "Oh, place is a mess, let's go somewhere else." and she'd have to rescue her traumatized kitties from the werewolves across the hall. at least on the plus, i think libby's being more civil to rune.

this got all rambly. but i'm waiting for bright 'cause i have to chat at him. and figure out if we're doing anything after work.

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