Halofyre (truths_unheard) wrote,

Oooo, time warp

So, we've got three clocks in our room (one's really a white noise thingy that has a clock in it but we aren't reallly using as a clock) and the one I looked at was our smart clock.

I guess this was the weekend the clocks were supposed to go forward. 'cause it did. and i was all "hm. 9:45. should probably get up" 'cause we have errands and stuff. well. grocery shopping. which is like an errand.

So I come in here, and all the kids are still sleeping. Not necessarily weird - they were out late last night. but every other clock in the room says 8:45.

So i'm all ::Baffle:: and i look at all the clocks. Everything but my laptop says 8:46. So i go back in the bedroom. The other two clocks that I didn't look at? They all say 8:46.

Yeah. ::nods:: that was some fun stuff.
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