Halofyre (truths_unheard) wrote,

Do you really understand English?

I kept meaning to post this. 'cause it's funny to me. and by funny, i mean, if i don't laugh, i'll cry.

This is text from reminder notices, that I get all the time. Drives me completely batshit crazy, 'cause I seriously want to club these people over the head. Seriously, wtf.

By now, you should have received one or more forms from [ Company] that require your signature. Please see below for instructions on how to complete this form(s). Please complete and return the form(s) immediately in the enclosed envelope. If you have any questions or did not receive the form(s), please call us at xxx xxx xxxx.
An exclusion requires your signature. Please handwrite (do not print) the words "I have read and understand this document and I do read English", then sign and date by the red "X" and return to our office in the envelope provided.

And it absolutely amazes me (though I suppose it really shouldn't), how many people write the sentence on the reminder letter (where there is neither line nor red "X") and return that to us.

I think if they really understood English, I'd see a lot less of those.
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