Halofyre (truths_unheard) wrote,

omg i'm dying

okay, not really, but... ugh. I had a migraine last night, woke up around 4;30 with it, took some drugs, couldn't get back to sleep, so laid in bed 'til 6:15 and got up. The migraine itself is more or less gone, but i've got that nausea that so often accompanies them. not bad enough to make me be sick, but enough that i feel like it's going to make me be sick.


So, I have a reluctant new obsession. I admit I'm getting into it only because Blake Lively and Chace Crawford are in a show together, and that amuses the part of me that will always see her as Ashley. I started in on the books, and so far, there's a lot of giggling in inappropriate places on my part - but I'm only a chapter into the second one. Borders didn't have the first one. Sigh. but if i like this one, i'll see if i can get the rest of them off ebay, 'cause they're like, $10 each =/ wtf, mate?

I have a lot to read. 'cause ... okay. I have the Southern Vampire book that just came out, and there's a new Dean Koontz book, and I'm rereading the dark tower books, I have to reread 5th & 6th HP before the 7th comes out (and before the movie comes out). Plus, there's heroing and RP to fit in. It makes me sad that when we have bunnies for one universe, the other AUs get abandoned. Lol. 'cause I have a moderate itch to play 3rd AU Reid/Tyler to see if Reid's over himself yet, or if Tyler's too into Geoff to care. ::snerk::

But we've got bunnies for the canon (insert hysterical laughter here) comm, so that's where we're playing right now. 'cause I think we're about to start the Emma arc. Heheh. Poor Tyler has no idea what to do with her. And then we had something else ::muse:: Or maybe not, 'cause the Gregory thing's third AU. Though I guess really he could be in any U. ::ponders:: then he and Chase could have an Epic Fight of Doom!

And we could crack open the hellgate. 'cause there's an Epic Battle of DOOM! tied to that, too.

And I should totally wait 'til Jen's feeling better to do any Epic Battles of anything ;)

I wonder if it should bother me that i'm 29 and my life is still predominantly about RP? Well, not my life but the interesting bits of my entries. 'cause I have a life. Seriously. ::shifty eyes::
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